Hey! Hi! Hello!

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Mallorca, Spain

My name is Libby Deasy and I am from a little town called Bronxville, right outside New York City. I am currently a sophomore communications major at Furman University in South Carolina. It’s definitley a very different lifestyle in the South but it has definitley taught me a lot about myself (mainly that if you don’t hold the door for someone it is considered very rude.) As much as I love South Carolina, I cannot wait to move back up North and continue my journey in the big NYC. I created Libby’s Label during my digital communications class but continued it because it taught me that my love for blogging is real!

Aside from blogging, I have an extreme passion for traveling, adventures, animals, and food. So far I’ve been to 14 countries and can’t wait to visit more. Next semester I’m spending 5 months in Australia so get ready for some more adventurous posts! I have an extreme love for all animals, especially my dog Maxy (she’s in some of my pictures below of course). I also have a food Instagram account called foodforthought11 so please give it a follow! I hope you like, comment, and share all of my blog posts because I absolutely love it when you all (I still refuse to say y’all) give me feedback! Check out my site to get to know a little bit more about me and our digital world!

















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