An Edible Road Trip

There’s nothing quite like a pizza pie. Nearly everyone, no matter what age, flock to the classic Italian dish that is always satisfying and easy to make at home. This post is going to focus on the best pizza places in Greenville, SC. Come check it out!

Pizza is the singular most popular food in the world and wherever you go in America you can always find it. I have never met anyone who doesn’t love pizza. In NYC, there is actually an annual Pizza Run! This run challenges participants to complete a 2 mile run while stopping to eat three slices of pizza at checkpoints throughout the race. When I was talking to my friends about the best pizza places in Greenville, SC I realized that none of us really knew of any. Being the pizza lover I am, I decided to go all around the city of Greenville and figure out which restaurants have the best pizza!

1. Sidewall Pizza Company

sidewall pizza 1 final

Sidewall Pizza Company is located right outside of Greenville in Travelers Rest, SC. To be exact, it’s on 35 S Main Street. You may ask, what’s special about this pizza place? Well, here you go.

  • The dough is house-made
  • The pizza sauce is actually made from scratch
  • The pizzas are thin crust so you can eat more then just a slice
  • There was very little grease
  • They use a brick oven!
  • If you’re vegan and/or gluten-free, they have pizza for you too!

I think the most unique part about Sidewall is their brick oven. Since there is a higher cooking temperature, heat is radiated all around the oven and absorbed by the interior brick walls. This allows for a more smokey flavor, crunchier toppings, and a fluffier crust. Brick ovens also allow you to cook more pizzas in a shorter amount of time so your pizza will never taste soggy.

After tasting several different kinds of Sidewall pizza, I decided that my favorite is the marinara ($14). I was nervous I wouldn’t like the creamier sauce, but it turned out to be delicious. My second favorite is definitely the Red and Green ($15). This pie comes with fresh arugula, fresh cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and topped with fresh pesto. The only thing I can complain about is the fact that they don’t deliver!

sidewall pizza 2 final pic

Marinara Pizza

My favorite part of Sidewall is not only the brick oven pizza, but the atmosphere as well. When you walk in, the staff is extremely friendly and will actually learn your name. I know I always get frustrated when I’m at a restaurant and no one takes care of you, but this is definitely not the case here. Another fun fact about Sidewall is that it is actually an old tire shop that they renovated. The restaurant has giant windows and a huge slide-up door so you’re actually able to see what’s going on inside. Although the Sidewall menu is small, it is definitely complete. So if you’re ever in the Greenville area, Sidewall is definitely the number one pizza place to go.

sidewall pizza 3 final

Mushroom Pizza


2. Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders


Bellacino’s Pizza is located right on the main street in downtown Greenville, directly across from the Westin Hotel. I actually ate this pizza before doing this blog post but went back just because it was so delicious!

  • Best part: there’s a drive through and they are open late night until 2:30am!
  • Extremely fast & convenient service – They gave me the wrong pizza at first and ended up including a complimentary dessert pizza!
  • The pizza toppings are always fresh
  • The sauce has a deep tomato flavor which I am a big fan of
  • Crust was on the crunchier side but fluffy on the inside
  • The cheese was a little hard (I like it gooey)
  • Pizza is hand tossed & oven baked!
  • The seating area made you feel like you’re in a true pizza joint

While many people think that tossing pizza dough in the air is just for entertainment, surprisingly there is a beneficial purpose to it. Tossing dough in the air actually allows the dough to be extended without pushing your fingers through it. By tossing it up, it also helps the dough retain moisture. The perfect amount of airflow creates perfectly crispy crust, something that Bellacino’s pizza has conquered. Their pizza is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside which is delicious.


Large Cheese Pizza

Bellacino’s is definitely a good spot to visit if you’re looking for a quick and filling meal. When you go in, you walk up to the counter and order there. They have booths, tables, and outdoor seating for sunny days! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for good (not great) pizza in downtown Greenville.



3. Torelli’s Pizzeria

torellis pizza 1 after

Torelli’s Pizzeria is located at 5000 Old Buncombe Road right outside of Furman University. Being from NY, this is probably the closet pizza I could find to the classic NY slice. Let’s take a look!

  • Best part about Torelli’s is their daily special: 2 slices and a drink for $5.95
  • The dough is almost the same as you would get in NY!
  • The sauce to cheese ratio is on point
  • Home-made sauce (maybe a little too much oregano)
  • They use cholesterol free extra virgin olive oil


Overall, Torelli’s pizza isn’t anything special. One thing that I would change would be the crust. I personally like the crust a little bit on the crunchier side so if you go, I would ask for it a little more cooked. The atmosphere isn’t anything special either but the service is extremely friendly & attentive. Torelli’s does have a 28” pizza that they will give you for free if you eat it all in 40 minutes!



In the end….

Ever pizza lover has a story. Maybe it’s from your first bite or from the first time you found out what good pizza really tastes like. My all time favorite pizza is at Joe’s Pizza in NYC. It has the perfect amount of grease, the perfect ratio of sauce to cheese, and the perfect amount of the crunchy crisp we all love in our crust. Now I want to hear your story. Comment your favorite pizza place & story!

joes pizza after wo crop

Joe’s Classic Cheese Slice


Featured Image


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