Of all the fish (or blogs) in the sea…

If you’re anything like me, you already have a long list of blogs that help keep your daily inspiration levels up. And lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly make these blogs unique. Ready to add more blogs to add to your list? I’ve found about 5 of the best blogs that will appeal to everyone’s personal taste.


My all time favorite blog is Kristina Bazan’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. Kristina Bazan grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and is only 20 years old with a deep appreciation for fashion. One of my favorite parts of this blog is how personal she makes it. Bazan states that “My personal style evolves around classic elegance and pure minimalism, though I do like to play with prints and bold statement pieces from time to time, especially during Fashion Weeks.” In a lot of her posts, she links the pieces with websites so you are able to purchase them. After following her for a while now, I think it is fascinating how she can pair a $500 jacket with a $30 skirt. I also love how personal her writing is. In her posts, she makes it seem as if she’s writing in a journal or just talking to a friend about the styles she’s into at the moment. This is also one of her ways to network and connect with other bloggers because she talks about blogs that she’s really into and links their page to it.


The Coveteur

Lately I’ve been really into blogs like the Coveteur instead of the personal fashion blogs I usually read. This blog is more focused on fashion and is a little less personal but definitely has a unique spin on articles. Right now the blog is taking a closer look at how people working in all different parts of the fashion industry experience the different chaotic parts of fashion week. One of her latest articles is called “What Fashion Week is like for Big Time Fashion Buyers.” Another article is about what fashion week is like for a PR boss. I think this is one of the best things about this blog because it takes everyday & normal topics but puts a unique spin on it. On the side bars of the blog there are advertisements by makeup and fashion companies which helps the blog built its network. There are also easy ways to follow the blog on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

My Domaine

This blog is a “Single Girl’s Guide to Decorating” as stated on the website. I first stumbled upon this blog on Who What Wear and saw that these two blogs are closely connected and actually call each other “sister sites.” When checking out this blog, it seems as if they copied the website layout from the magazine New Republic. Although they have more pictures then actual writing, you can still get a sense of their taste. When I was redecorating my room at home, I actually used a lot of My Domaine’s ideas so I think it’s safe to say that this blog is one of my favorites. On My Domaine, they also recently published an article on their favorite decorating blogs, check it out!


HB Fit

Hannah Bronfam, founder of HB Fit, has one of the best health, beauty & fitness blogs. I think this blog is different & unique because it extends and touches people who are also trying to live a healthy lifestyle. This blog has everything from quick 5-minute recipes to fun fitness workouts. HB Fit always has positive and inspiring content that I just can’t seem to stop reading. When looking at the frequency of posts, comments, engagement with readers, and design quality, HB Fit is definitely one of my favorites.

12 Hrs

Co-founders Anna Peuckert and Soren Jepsen definitely have one of the best travel blogs around. This blog gives a 12-hour itinerary of a specific city that squeezes a week’s worth of sights into a single day. 12 Hrs usually includes art galleries, restaurants, and other unique little excursions. On their Instagram, they focus on one specific location at a time. They give some of their favorite coffee shops, small boutiques, hotels and more. Since I’m studying abroad in Australia next fall, I’ve actually used this blog to keep track of cool little spots that I want to visit. 12 Hrs also has other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo so you can constantly stay updated. To network with other companies, 12 Hrs has a “Work With Us” tab where companies and publishers can contact 12 Hrs to collaborate.


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