Journalism in a New Era

When we look at media sites and smartphone apps today, we see the increased role of journalism. And with this, the role of truth becomes important. Let’s take a deeper look into the real meaning behind truth…

As more people consume news online, news organizations face the dilemma of acquiring resources to attract new readers. Since companies are being pressured now more then ever to continuously produce exciting news, the importance of verification and truthfulness are being put on the back burner.

I think we can all argue that it is a journalists’ responsibility to tell the truth as best they. But what exactly does this idea of ‘truthfulness’ mean? As “Journalism’s First Obligation is to Tell the Truth” by Jack Fuller mentions, journalists need to be as truthful and accurate as possible with the method they use to gather the information. (7) Since people use multiple news sites and publications to get information, the role of truthfulness becomes extremely important. Instead of rushing to gather information and publish a story, we need to spend more time verifying the information instead of trying to make it sound appealing.

When information is altered and fabricated, the source’s credibility plummets and rumors spiral out of control. One extreme example of this is the Rolling Stone’s article “A Rape on Campus.” In short, the article claimed that several fraternity boys brutally raped a young woman as part of an initiation ritual. After other journalists investigated the Rolling Stone’s sources, the article was found fictitious and was later discredited and retracted by the publisher. In just this incident, the lives of many people were ruined. We see the importance of sources and how just one false claim can spiral out of control.

So……The news company/corporation must be committed to their citizens first and foremost. At the local and state level, digital nonprofit journalism continues to develop, providing local and global news. When we look at media sites and smartphone apps today, we see the increased role of journalism. With the rise of social media, the news is everywhere we look. Here are a few examples of companies that took journalistic strides:

Vice News

Vice News, which was launched in March 2014, is an international news organization to provide people with information about important events around the globe. They highlight stories from around the globe and report on controversial issues.


This news site launched in April 2014 that covers technology & culture, sports, gaming, food & nightlife, shopping, beauty, & fashion, real estate & home, and technology business. This website strives to cover new and unusual information that is easily accessible.


Although Instagram is notorious for selfies and pictures uneaten food, it has recently become a space for people to create a new style of literary journalism. Journalists are starting to use Instagram as a tool to tell stories about others rather then themselves. ‘Humans of New York’ is one account that travels around NYC, and now the world, to give everyday people a voice. From this account we can gain knowledge about problems in our world that we didn’t even know were happening.


If you’re looking for a fun site to quickly catch up on women’s issues, relationships, health, careers, and self-improvement, Cosmopolitan is the site to use. It is super easy to navigate and offers a wide range of topics from politics to gifts to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s day. By offering an array of topics, you are able to quickly skim what’s going on in the world while also finding out which celebrity is marrying who.


Buzzfeed is a news and entertainment website that is driven by social media as its source. As of 2014, it is the second most shared publisher on Facebook and in the top ten most visited news and information sites in the US. Although it has news about world issues (politics, the environment, etc.) it mostly contains entertainment articles.


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