Living in a Digital World

In today’s world, since the internet is so closely intertwined with everyday life, it would be nearly impossible to live without it. Let’s take a deeper look into the positive and negative aspects of the internet. 

Today, people communicate through instant messaging instead of the telephone, gather information from websites instead of newspapers or books, and share their opinion about anything with the entire world. Everybody (including myself) uses the internet with almost everything we do. Although there are many benefits to the internet, is it really helping our society or is it hurting us overall?

Communication & Networking

The internet allows us to “talk” to each other without even picking up a phone. Our ability to connect with anyone, from anywhere, at any time is fascinating. Because of this, the world of networking has been changed drastically. Almost everyone, from every corner of the world, is just a few clicks away.

Global Reach

The internet has also helped with world-wide travel. When was the last time you saw someone take out an atlas before a road trip or wait in an airline ticket office to book a flight? Because of google maps and online travel agencies, a vacation is now only a click away.


Back in the day, if someone had a question about an unfamiliar topic, they would have to take a trip to the local library and search for their answer. With the internet, your question can be easily answered after only a couple seconds. With the ability search anything & everything with just a click of a button, information can be learned instantaneously. People are able to keep up with world news without having to wait for the newspaper to be delivered the next day. Given that nothing on the internet seems to really ever be deleted, the internet serves as a record for human history. This ensures that everything we create today will never be lost for future generations.


Because people can sit behind a computer and say whatever they want without being responsible for their claims, you will most likely get their true opinions. The internet serves as a blog where people can share their opinion (and criticism) instantaneously, no matter how annoying they may be. Although this has it’s benefits, anonymity & honesty on the internet also has it’s downfalls. Cyber bullying has become a major problem throughout our world (& especially in my generation!) Cyber bullying can happen 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. Although cell phones and computers aren’t to blame for bullying, they can be used as tools in order to do so. I think internet positivity needs to be taught to children at a young age so they take advantage of all of the tools the internet offers, instead of turning the internet into a negative space. What do you think? Should people be accountable for everything they say & do?

The Brain

Since the internet holds the answers to all of the questions we may have, many human brains have grown reliant on the internet. Since we can access any information with very little effort, our brains don’t have to remember as much information. Back in the day, when people would search for answers in dictionaries or encyclopedias, they used their frontal lobe to engage in the information, thus engaging their visual memory. People are now remembering where they got their information instead of understanding and remembering the actual information.



Since a lot of sites don’t have any requirements (aka citations) for people to post, a lot of the information on the internet is false. People usually don’t take the time to check if the information they are gathering is credible. This causes false information to be continuously posted & shared.

The effects of the internet on people are complicated, being both positive and negative. What do you think? Has the internet changed us for the better, or for the worse?


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